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Infinite Reasons | Why We Love Javascript

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Why We Love Javascript

There are so many reasons I love to developing Application using JavaScript. When you write java, you don’t usually just write java. We find the Client/Server Model Everywhere and you don’t want to send the Server code to the Client End,but you can send the Javascript that can be executed on the Client’s Browser.

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Whether you’re writing Java Application or a Client Application, these days it seems you are inevitably going to interact with the HTML or some JSON somewhere.In that process whether you are using the  REST Web Services.So Having Javascript on both the Server and Client End just tends to make you smile.

Helping Hand in Development

There are lot of people writing Javascript.StackOverflow [javascript] Tag having almost 1364661+ Questions ,  [Jquery]  have 831474+ Questions ,[Angular] have 45874+ Questions and [node js] 168641+ Questions

Quick Solution & Fixes

It’s very easy to build things fast in JavaScript. You just need to have HTML/JS ready,that you can use through JS Fiddle or Plunker.So Javascript is best for rapid prototyping and writing Business Logic Functions.So If you do some changes you can see the instant change in the View.

Javascript Object-Oriented

Is Javascript Object Oriented ?
Javascript has the objects that can contain data and methods that act upon that data.So Object can contain other Objects.Javascript don’t have Classes but have constructors.So Javascript doesn’t allow you to having class level Inheritance , but it does have Prototype-Oriented Inheritance.
So there are ways of building up the Object Systems that are by Inheritance (Is-a) and Aggregation (has-a).Javascript does both ,but it’s dynamic nature allows it to excel at Aggregation.
Hence Javascript is not purely Object Oriented,reason behind this is Information Hiding.Javascript doesn’t provide information hiding.Objects can’t have Private and Public members and methods.All members are public.

Easier Debugging with Javascript

The feedback loop in Javascript is near-instantaneous. As an interpreted language in the browser, you can refresh and see the results as opposed to compiling and debugging in the dark which is the case with other languages. A simple “console.log” goes a long way in figuring out where you’re stuck. Also, its the language of the internet while others are languages stuck within the computer itself
                                                      Darren Tseng, Front-End Developer


Less Code & Reuse the Code Javascript

There are many Javascript & Jquery Libraries are there.Like You can track faces and get the Date Calculation and Block/Diable some dates from the datepicker and recognizing touch gestures or Edit Images.So there are many Javascript Libraries that are waiting for you

Demand For Javascript

If you are interested in how much will you make, go by salaries ,not number of developers or projects.

  • JAVA – $94,908
  • Python – $100,717
  • Objective C – $108,225
  • Ruby on Rails – $109,460
  • C++ – $93,502
  • JavaScript – $91,461

JavaScript is, without a doubt, just going to become increasingly  popular, it can be used for backend development and can even potentially build native mobile apps (through React Native).  JavaScript continues to get more tools and updates at a fairly fast  pace, so you can expect it to remain extremely important in the future  to come.


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